Thursday, May 29, 2014


Ellie wanted to ride "the thing in the shop" down to mom's when we kept her a couple of weeks ago.  She likes going fast!

We were going to go golfing the day we kept her, so I got her a little set of clubs.  But then they had a tournament at the course, so we just went to the Ponderosa and hit balls.  She even had to clean her clubs like Grandpa!

I bought new clubs this year.  I think mine were about 20 years old.  I love them, even though I'm struggling a little with them.  I just think we need to play a whole lot more.  We also purchased a golf cart from a couple in Pocatello.  She gave it to her husband for Christmas and he only used it about 5-6 times (about 3 years ago) and found out he had cancer in his back.  He's been undergoing treatments, and it's in remission but he isn't sure he'll ever be able to play golf again.  Sad!  Hope that doesn't happen to us.

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